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In A Squeeze, Red Gold Comes Through for Pal’s Sudden Service

COVID Never Put Pal’s Portion Control Condiments at Peril When other condiment manufacturers put the squeeze on local and regional chains during the height of the COVID pandemic, Red Gold honored its supply chain commitments. Despite the surge of portion control demand, Red Gold has...

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Red Gold® Offers Independent Operators Real Rewards Café® Benefits

The past year has been especially tough on independent operators in the restaurant space. We applaud your perseverance and are here for you on the road to success in ’21! Red Gold® has just opened the door to additional support by offering you the benefits...

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Red Gold Better Nutrition Made Simple Quarterly News & Trends Report: Q1 – 2021

Portion control has become critically important to healthcare foodservice during COVID. Healthcare Foodservice Forecast Calls for Continued Emphasis on Portion Control Healthcare foodservice has faced its own unique challenges in weathering the pandemic. The reduction in elective surgeries, overworked staff members, limited visitations and quarantined...

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Red Gold Tomato Products Play Key Role Among Immunity-Boosting Super Foods

Extra Tomato Paste Adds Up to Increased Nutritional Benefits! In a recent December 2020 study, “over HALF of the consumers say they want to find immune boosting ingredients at every place they go out to eat” according to Dataessentials FoodBytes Trends Survey. Additionally, 48% of...

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Stay Ahead of Food Trends For 2021

The past year forced every operator to adapt to new trends helping keep their doors open and give their menu an edge. There are 7 important trends gaining momentum for 2021 that create opportunities to grow consumer purchasing confidence and bring you menu cravability. Let’s...

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Red Gold Tomato Products Role Among Immunity-Boosting Super Foods

Extra Tomato Paste Adds Up to Increased Nutritional Benefits! The pandemic caused a seismic shift in how consumers view their diet. Before COVID 19, consumers looked to “super foods” as a non-medical tool for boosting their energy and for controlling their weight. Today, the emphasis...

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