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How Senior Living Facilities Are Taking Food to The Forefront

Upscale It! The continued growth in senior living facilities has made it a darling of the foodservice industry. Projected to grow by more than 6% in 2020, senior living’s growth will far outpace fast food and casual dining restaurants according to Technomic. Offering superior dining...

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The Hottest Terms for Describing Your Healthy Meals

Whether you are in the healthcare or senior living segment, it is crucial to use the most effective words to describe a healthy item on a menu. Certain words can have unintentional impact, leaving menu items less appealing. America’s top restaurant databases, Datassentials, has the...

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Quietly Reduce Sodium in What You Serve…Shhhh! They Don’t Need to Know!

Since the caveman discovered that salt makes bad food taste good and good food taste great, the world has had a love affair with salt. Yet, reducing sodium intake may not be high on the priority list of seniors who feel good and want the...

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The Top 9 Power Foods for Senior Living Menus

Senior living facility foodservice directors are always challenged to differentiate their facilities with better-tasting menus. A cut above the rest means flavorful, yet healthy menus that rival some of the best restaurants. Top dietitians push for indulgence that’s tempered with power foods with possible added...

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