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Are You Missing Out on Micheladas?

Amazing Growth in a Profitable Bar Drink… If your bar drink menu doesn’t include a great Michelada, you are missing one of the most amazing profit opportunities in alcoholic beverages of the past four years. According to foodservice data house, Datassentials, Micheladas have grown by...

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C&U Snacking Upgrades. Some Surprising Facts for Planning Your 2019 Menu

The College & University segment learned the importance of snacking ahead of the mainstream restaurant crowd. Not surprisingly, snacking upgrades are on most C&U menu agenda for 2019. Red Gold surveyed data for several sources to help you set your own path toward winning snacks...

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3 Condiments That Are Good for You

Turns out your diet may be healthier than you think. Those little extras you love like ketchup on burgers or hot sauce in tacos have hidden health benefits. New research shows that certain spices, herbs, and spreads not only boost flavor but can also help...

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Why QSR Restaurants Love Ketchup

Quick service restaurants (QSR) are mentioning ketchup on their menus like never before. Datassential reports that ketchup mentions on menus are up 7% in the past year and up 28% in the past two years. Why mention this humble condiment on the menu? There are...

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Why Restaurants Love Ketchup

In just one year, Datassentials reports that ketchup mentions on menus are up 7% in the past year and up 28% in the past two years. Why add a mention of this humble condiment to the menu? There are several reasons. “80% of Americans ‘love...

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The Top Scoring Appetizers As You Gear UP For Football Season

Gridiron greatness on your menu means retooling your appetizers for upsell wins with eat-in or takeout customers this fall. With the help of Datassentials, Red Gold brings you some of the fastest-growing menu items to consider for your game plan. Checking the stats on more...

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