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The Top Scoring Appetizers As You Gear UP For Football Season

Gridiron greatness on your menu means retooling your appetizers for upsell wins with eat-in or takeout customers this fall. With the help of Datassentials, Red Gold brings you some of the fastest-growing menu items to consider for your game plan. Checking the stats on more...

Category: Casual Dining Trends


#1 Favorite flavor for Restaurant Customers

Every restaurant operator seeks the perfect flavor. Foodservice data giant, Datassentials, asked a panel of restaurant customers what their favorite flavor is; the answer might amaze you. It’s spaghetti sauce! The Datassentials survey asked consumers to rank more than 365 flavors based on whether they...

Category: Casual Dining Trends, Pizza & Italian Trends, Trends


The Hottest Terms for Describing Your Healthy Meals

Whether you are in the healthcare or senior living segment, it is crucial to use the most effective words to describe a healthy item on a menu. Certain words can have unintentional impact, leaving menu items less appealing. America’s top restaurant databases, Datassentials, has the...

Category: Healthcare Trends, Senior Living Trends


Tips on Making Bodacious Bloody Marys That You Can Upsell

Bloody Marys are the perfect cocktail. Few drinks can boast customer appeal for breakfast, brunch, and dinner, and none offer a platform for so many upsell opportunities. It’s easy to take a basic $5.99 Bloody Mary and turn it into a drink and a meal...

Category: Casual Dining Trends


Tips for Flavorful, Vegan-Friendly Menus for Colleges & Universities

According to website, 2% of Americans 17 and older say they are vegetarians, and a quarter of those say they are vegans. Surveys of college and university (C&U) foodservice operators indicate that, in an effort to appeal to vegan students, upwards of 65% of...

Category: C&U Trends


Quietly Reduce Sodium in What You Serve…Shhhh! They Don’t Need to Know!

Since the caveman discovered that salt makes bad food taste good and good food taste great, the world has had a love affair with salt. Yet, reducing sodium intake may not be high on the priority list of seniors who feel good and want the...

Category: Senior Living Trends